ISBN 9788182055032,Encyclopaedia of World And People, Vol. 7

Encyclopaedia of World And People, Vol. 7



Isha Books

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9788182055032

ISBN-10 8182055032

Hard Back

Number of Pages 591 Pages
Language (English)

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All wonders and vignettes of the mother-earth have not yet been seen by human eye. People can now see moving tree in the jungles of Africa, fixed animals under deep ocean and other side of the moon. Some people of the world still live on roots, whereas dinner bills of others run in hundreds of Dollars. This book reveals such phenomena with minute details. In this unique book of 10 volumes, hundreds of scholars have written on 63 most common topical matters encompassing every aspect of humanity, animals, birds and other living beings profusely illustrated with maps, charts, photographs and diagrams, etc. All the 63 subjects have been covered in each volume under alphabetically listed important sub-headings like continents, regions, countries, coasts, cities, costumes, monuments, pyramids, mountains, rivers, bridges, isles, lakes, plateaus, passes, palms, crops, flags, paintings, birds, insects, gems, jewellery, flowers, minerals, battles, farms, orchids, art, culture, temples, history, military, laws, education, religions, science, literature, drama, architecture, sculptures, economics, money, banking, agriculture, industry, politics and many more, easily available. Study of this reference book, can make the reader proud of being able to answer any question about the World and its People.