Encyclopedia of Buddhism in 2 Volumes


Dr. IN Singh


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Publication Year 2018


ISBN-10 938453319X
Edition 1st

Encyclopaedias And References

The History of Buddhism spans from the 6th century BCE to the present starting with the birth of the Buddha siddhartha Gautama . this makes it one of the oldest religions practiced today . throughout this period the religion evolved as it encountered various countries and cultures adding to its original Indian foundation Hellenistic as well as central Asian east asian and southeast asian cultural elements , In the process its geographical extent became considerable so as to affect at one time or another most of the asian continent . The history of Buddhism is also characterized by the development of numerous movements and schisms foremost among them the Theravada , Mahayana and vajrayana traditions punctuated by contrasting periods of expansion and retreat. The Buddhist soul a series of physic psychical state would come to and end at death when the physical organism dissolves but for the strength of the actions which are to be enjoyed in a future life by a new physico psychical apparatus a continuations of the first one action in Sanskrit karman is one of the Indian words that the theosophists and the neo Buddhists have made known in the west . we must feel grateful for it for we can say shortly doctrine of karman meaning all the speculations concerned with action and especially

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