ISBN 9788130915388,Encyclopedia of International Organized Crime

Encyclopedia of International Organized Crime



Viva Education Private Ltd

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9788130915388

ISBN-10 8130915383


Number of Pages 404 Pages
Language (English)


Organized crime is big business, and like many other businesses during the past century, it has gone global. While the Mafia remains the most familiar and best-established crime group in the United States, dozens of similar outfits exist in nations around the world. They observe their own criminal traditions and practices and pursue their illegal interests through the network of the international underworld. Drug trade, human trafficking, illegal arms sales, corruption of governments--these are the signature endeavors of outlaw groups that subvert the law on every continent and operate by codes of violence and dishonesty. Until now, these criminals have derived strength from operating in the shadows.

Viva-Facts On File Encyclopedia of International Organized Crime is a landmark reference book that collects information gathered from sources around the global and uses it to expose the insidious presence of criminal enterprises in every part of the world. Among the most notorious crime leaders, many not well known in the United States despite the long reach of their influence, are:

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