ISBN 9788130915548,Encyclopedia of Physical Sciences , 2 Volume Set

Encyclopedia of Physical Sciences , 2 Volume Set

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Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9788130915548

ISBN-10 8130915545


Language (English)

Physical Sciences

Encyclopedia of Physical Science discusses concepts that unify the physical sciences with life, Earth, and space science. Examining topics such as natural hazards, global challenges, and the history and nature of science, this two-volume set complements the material typically taught in high school and college physics and chemistry courses.
More than 200 entries cover National Science Education Standards concepts and topics, theories, sub-disciplines, biographies of people who have made significant contributions to the physical sciences, common methods, and techniques relevant to modern science. Entries average approximately 2,000 words each and most include cross-references of related entries and a selection of recommended further readings.

Entries include:

Acid rain
Black hole
Francis Crick
Doppler effect
Albert Einstein
Greenhouse effect
Liquid crystals
Matter and antimatter
Dmitry Mendeleyev
Organic chemistry
Speed and velocity
Theory of everything
X-ray crystallography