ISBN 9789380222400,Endosulfan Global Conspiracy And A Kerala Fraud Story

Endosulfan Global Conspiracy And A Kerala Fraud Story



GenNext Publication

Publication Year 2015

ISBN 9789380222400

ISBN-10 9380222408


Number of Pages 306 Pages
Language (English)

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The book, a venture on investigative journalism, questions the version created by the media and the Environmental NGOs that the aerial spraying of endosulfan had caused widespread diseases and deaths in Kasargod in North Malabar. All the pre- existing diseases in the area were described as Endosulfan diseases by anti-pesticide activists. Though it was described as an event next only to the Bhopal gas tragedy, the controversy was the fallout of a global conspiracy hatched by the European Union to sell its patented pesticides. The whole episode boils down to competition among pesticide manufacturers of the EU to create its hegemony in the global market. The conferences on Multilateral Environmental Agreements were manipulated by the European Union . Endosulfan was phased out at the Conference of Parties at the Stockholm convention in 2011 by flouting the rules of the convention.