ISBN 9788189766795,Energy and Natural Resources: Sustainability and Management

Energy and Natural Resources: Sustainability and Management


H D Kumar


Vitasta Publishing



Vitasta Publishing

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9788189766795

ISBN-10 8189766791


Number of Pages 618 Pages
Language (English)


This book is in the form of treatise and serves as a Reference Book on issues concerned with the use of natural resources and energy in the context of climate change agenda and sustainable development. The identification of some of the world's most critical sustainable development problems and challenges at the United Nations Johannesburg Summit in 2002, prompted the writing of this treatise that covers natural resources such as energy , water, forestry, agriculture, biodiversity, aquaculture, fisheries and minerals. These and other resources affect the livelihood of over five billion people in developing countries besides impacting humanity in general. Ensuring sustainable economic development on the basis of the finite and depleting stocks and natural resources is crucial to the future of mankind barely trying to survive on the disturbingly overcrowding, increasingly thirsty, and energy-guzzling planet. There is an urgent need for meaningful education about the environment and for making hard choices that involve sacrifices involving resource usage, including a conscious effort to decrease overconsumption. About Author : Har Darshan Kumar is a member of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) panel on environment effects of Ozone depletion. Issues such as climate change, nano-biotechnology, stem cell biology and alternative and complementary medicines are his current interests as Editor of the Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology (Seoul). Kumar is a prolific writer on issues such as climate, environment, agriculture, bio-technology and some frontline areas of bio-medical scienes. He has more than 150 published research and review papers in various international journals. He has authored 25 books on these issues. Contents : Preface Abbreviations and Acronyms Units General Introduction Natural Resources, Climate Change and the Green Century Energy Resources Renewable Energy and Biofuels Solar Energy, Photovoltaics and Hydrogen Energy Forest Resources Water Resources Farm, Crop and Livestock Resources Bioresources and Biological Diversity Mineral and Metal Resources Marine Resources Fishery and Aquacutlure Resources Integrated Resource Planning and Sustainability Natural Resources from Rio de Janeiro to Johannesburg and Beyond Glossary References Index