ISBN 9788177083422,Energy Security and Conservation in India

Energy Security and Conservation in India


Razia Parvez


New Century Press



New Century Press

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9788177083422

ISBN-10 8177083422


Number of Pages 306 Pages
Language (English)

Science & Technology

With a population of 121 crore (Census, 2011) and a growth rate of 8 to 9 percent, India is facing the critical challenge of meeting its rapidly increasing demand for energy. Energy is a basic requirement for economic and social development. Every sector of the Indian economy--agriculture, industry, transport, household--needs inputs of energy. India faces formidable challenges in meeting its energy needs and providing adequate and varied energy of desired quality to users in a sustainable manner and at reasonable costs. The country needs economic growth for human development, which in turn requires access to clean, convenient and reliable energy for all. To mitigate shortage of energy in general and electricity in particular, its efficient use and conservation is also essential. Government has initiated several policy measures to accelerate power generation and promote energy efficiency to meet power requirements of the country. This volume contains 16 research essays, authored by experts in the field, which provide deep insights into the current energy crisis in India and suggest alternative energy sources and conservation techniques.