ISBN 9788130914183,Energy Supply And Renewable Resources

Energy Supply And Renewable Resources



Viva Books Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9788130914183

ISBN-10 8130914182


Language (English)


Energy Supply and Renewable Resources is part of the Global Issues series, which is designed to be a first-stop resource for research on the key challenges facing the world today. Each volume contains three sections, beginning with an introduction that clearly defines the issue, followed by detailed case studies of the issue's impact in the United States and several other countries or regions. The second section draws together significant U.S. and international primary source documents, and the third section gathers useful research tools-such as brief biographies, facts and figures, an annotated bibliography, and more. A foreword written by an expert in the field complements each volume. A chronology, glossary, and index provide additional help.

As the global economy grows and thrives, the worldwide demand for energy resources increases. Energy Supply and Renewable Resources examines the history behind industrialized nations' dependence on natural resources, particularly fossil fuels, as well as developing nations' increasing consumption of these resources. This eye-opening volume draws parallels between the energy-related challenges faced by the United States and several other key nations: China, Germany, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, and Venezuela.

Through source documents, statistical data, graphs, and charts, this volume surveys current energy consumption and production trends and presents evidence of the need to harness alternative, renewable sources of energy. At a time of insecurity and uncertainty about sources of energy worldwide, this volume is an invaluable educational tool for young adults who are in a position to truly make a difference in the future of the Earth's natural resources.