ISBN 9789350297537,Engglishhh : Fictional Dispatches from a Hyperreal Nation

Engglishhh : Fictional Dispatches from a Hyperreal Nation


Fourth Estate



Fourth Estate

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789350297537

ISBN-10 9350297531

Hard Back

Number of Pages 240 Pages
Language (English)


My derr Punaita, ths peem isss foor ou:

When I saaat too wriit a peem

Th woords wooulldnt cme

When the didd the wooulldnt rhhym

When the rhhymeed the maad n seensee

Lik aaa red rose ii aaa blaak annd whit fiilmmm

From Rohan Shah to Punita A love poem in Engglishhh, a new language that has numerology as its guiding principle, Arnold MmYum who leaves his bench outside a popular eatery to discover the city of animate beings, a purveyor-director of cinematic porn, a watchman who counts the seconds to death. Altaf Tyrewala has an uncanny ability to write the streets and mind-scapes of Mumbai, the city he first captured in prose as nobody else had in No God in Sight and more recently in verse, in Ministry of Hurt Sentiments. His words are sharp with irony and each story is slashed through with deftly satirical insights into the ways of men and the worlds they inhabit.