ISBN 9780070581937,Engineering Economics And Financial Accounting

Engineering Economics And Financial Accounting



Tata Mcgraw Hill Education Private Limited

Publication Year 2003

ISBN 9780070581937

ISBN-10 0070581932


Number of Pages 560 Pages
Language (English)


Table of Contents 1. Nature and Scope of Economics and Managerial Economics 2. Demand Utility Analysis I: Demand Analysis 3. Demand Utility Analysis II: Elasticity of Demand 4. Demand Utility Analysis III Basic Laws of Consumption 5. Demand Forecasting 6. Law of Supply 7. Theory of Production 8. Cost concepts and Cost-Output relationship 9. Break even analysis 10. Market Structure - I: Concepts and types of markets 11. Market Structure - II: Price-Output Determination in Perfect competition 12. Market Structure - III: Price-Output Determination in Monopoly 13. Market Structure - IV: Price-Output Determination in Monopolistic competition 14. Market Structure - V: Oligopoly and Kinked Demand Curve 15. Pricing methods 16. Objectives of a firm & Managerial Decision making 17. Financial Accounting-I: Concepts of Accounting and Subsidiary Books 18. Financial Accounting II: Trial Balance and Final Accounts 19. Financial Management - I: Financial Analysis 20. Financial Management - II: Ratio Analysis 21. Financial Management - III: Funds flow Analysis 22. Financial Management - IV: Cash flow Analysis 23. Financial Management - V: Capital Budgeting 24. Financial Management - VI Sources and Methods of Raising Finance 25. Manufacturing practices and Select Strategies 26. National Income 27. Money and Banking - I: Value of Money (including inflation and Unemployment) 28. Money and Banking - II: Commercial banks and their functions 29. Money and Banking III: Central bank and its functions 30. New Economic Environment: Liberalisation, Privatisation and Globalisation ( LPG) 31. Cost-Benefit Analysis