ISBN 9780071329019,Engineering Mechanics

Engineering Mechanics



Tata Mcgraw Hill Education Private Limited

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9780071329019

ISBN-10 0071329013


Language (English)

Engineering & Technology

Designed for the third-semester students of ECE/EEE streams of JNTU Hyderabad, Electric Circuits is a blend of simple language along with clear illustrations, helping students gain a firm grasp over the basic principles of electric circuits. It also enhances their understanding of circuits and the ability to design them practically. Salient Features Coverage as per the latest, revised 2010 WBUT syllabus Extensive coverage of Kinetics and Kinematics of Rigid Bodies Solved December 2010 WBUT question paper TABLE OF CONTENTS Part A: Statics 1. Introduction 2. Fundamentals of Vector Algebra 3. Two-Dimensional Force Systems 4. Equilibrium of Rigid Bodies 5. Centre of Gravity 6. Friction 7. Moment of Inertia Part B: Strength of Materials 8. Elasticity Concept of Simple Stresses and Strains 9. Stress Strain Diagram Part C: Dynamics 10. Rectilinear Motion of a Particle 11. Kinetics of a Particle in Rectilinear Motion 12. Curvilinear Motion of a Particle 13. Projectile 14. Work, Power, Energy

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