ISBN 9788126543960,Engineering Mechanics - Statics SI Version (Volume - 1)

Engineering Mechanics - Statics SI Version (Volume - 1)



Wiley India Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9788126543960

ISBN-10 8126543965


Number of Pages 1286 Pages
Language (English)


The 7th edition of this classic text continues to provide the same high quality material seen in previous editions. The text is extensively rewritten with updated prose for content clarity, superb new problems in new application areas, outstanding instruction on drawing free body diagrams and new electronic supplements to assist readers. Furthermore, this edition offers more Web-based problem solving to practice solving problems, with immediate feedback; computational mechanics booklets offer flexibility in introducing Matlab, Mathcad and/or Maple into your mechanics classroom; electronic figures from the text to enhance lectures by pulling material from the text into PowerPoint or other lecture formats; 100+ additional electronic transparencies offer problem statements and fully worked solutions for use in lecture or as outside study tools. Was this product information helpful? Yes No TABLE OF CONTENTS Chapter 1: Introduction to Statics 1/1 Mechanics 1/2 Basic Concepts 1/3 Scalars and Vectors 1/4 Newton's Laws 1/5 Units 1/6 Law of Gravitation 1/7 Accuracy, Limits and Approximations 1/8 Problem Solving in Statics 1/9 Chapter Review Chapter 2: Force Systems 2/1 Introduction 2/2 Force Section A: Two-Dimensional Force Systems 2/3 Rectangular Components 2/4 Moment 2/5 Couple 2/6 Resultants Section B: Three-Dimensional Force Systems 2/7 Rectangular Components 2/8 Moment and Couple 2/9 Resultants 2/10 Chapter Review Chapter 3: Equilibrium 3/1 Introduction Section A: Equilibrium in Two Dimensions 3/2 System Isolation and the Free-Body Diagram 3/3 Equilibrium Conditions Section B: Equilibrium in Three Dimensions 3/4 Equilibrium Conditions 3/5 Chapter Review Chapter 4: Structures 4/1 Introduction 4/2 Plane Trusses 4/3 Method of Joints 4/4 Method of Sections 4/5 Space Trusses 4/6 Frames and Machines 4/7 Chapter Review Chapter 5: Distributed Forces 5/1 Introduction Section A: Centers of Mass and Centroids 5/2 Center of Mass 5/3 Centroids of Lines, Areas and Volumes 5/4 Composite Bodies and Figures; Approximations 5/5 Theorems of Pappus Section B: Special Topics 5/6 Beams--External Effects 5/7 Beams--Internal Effects 5/8 Flexible Cables 5/9 Fluid Statics 5/10 Chapter Review Chapter 6: Friction 6/1 Introduction Section A: Frictional Phenomena 6/2 Types of Friction 6/3 Dry Friction Section B: Applications of Friction in Machines 6/4 Wedges 6/5 Screws 6/6 Journal Bearings 6/7 Thrust Bearings; Disk Friction 6/8 Flexible Belts 6/9 Rolling Resistance 6/10 Chapter Review Chapter 7: Virtual Work 7/1 Introduction 7/2 Work 7/3 Equilibrium 7/4 Potential Energy and Stability 7/5 Chapter Review Appendices Appendix A: Area Moments of Inertia A/1 Introduction A/2 Definitions A/3 Composite Areas A/4 Products of Inertia and Rotation of Axes Appendix B: Mass Moments of Inertia Appendix C: Selected Topics of Mathematics C/1 Introduction C/2 Plane Geometry C/3 Solid Geometry C/4 Algebra C/5 Analytic Geometry C/6 Trigonometry C/7 Vector Operations C/8 Series C/9 Derivatives C/10 Integrals C/11 Newton's Method for Solving Intractable Equations C/12 Selected Techniques for Numerical Integration Appendix D: Useful Tables Table D/1 Physical Properties Table D/2 Solar System Constants Table D/3 Properties of Plane Figures Table D/4 Properties of Homogeneous Solids