ISBN 9780070146143,Engineering Mechanics Statistics & Dynamic

Engineering Mechanics Statistics & Dynamic



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2009

ISBN 9780070146143

ISBN-10 0070146144


Number of Pages 695 Pages
Language (English)

Electronics & Communication Engineering

This thoroughly revised and updated edition incorporates recent developments that have taken place in the field of instrumentation, measurement techniques, and data analysis. Inclusion of new topics, enhanced pedagogy and lucid language make this a complete book on the subject. Salient Features In SI Units. Follows the Vector Approach. Illustrious 3D diagrams help in clear understanding of the topics. Includes a separate chapter on Vector Algebra. Pedagogy includes: 450 solved examples 560 practice problems 140 objective-type questions Table of content :- 1. Introduction to Engineering Mechanics-Basic Concepts 2. Vector Algebra 3. System of Forces and Resultant-I (Concurrent Forces) 4. System of Forces and Resultant-Ii (Non-Concurrent Forces) 5. Equilibrium of System of Forces 6. Friction 7. Application of Friction 8. Centre of Gravity and Centroid 9. Moment of Inertia 10. Mass Moment of Inertia 11. Virtual Work 12. Kinematics of Particles (Rectilinear Motion) 13. Kinematics of Particles (Curvilinear Motion) 14. Kinetics of Particles 15. Work and Energy 16. Impulse and Momentum 17. Kinematics of Rigid Bodies 18. Kinetics of Rigid Bodies 19. Vibrationsg