ISBN 9780074620144,Engineering Thermodynamics

Engineering Thermodynamics



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2001

ISBN 9780074620144

ISBN-10 0074620142


Number of Pages 672 Pages
Language (English)

Science fiction

Written with an interdisciplinary approach, this book lays emphasis on the fundamental concepts with the aim of developing a profound conceptual base. It brings out interesting data and considerations involved in actual thermodynamic applications. Carefully devised sequence and integration on topics with step-by-step explanation of fundamentals thereby maintain clarity of concepts. Discusses the practical problems in actual engineering applications. A chapter on combined first and second law application to all practical non-flow and flow processes. Clearly brings out meaning of the term 'system' whether closed or open type. Emphasizes distinction between work in a non-flow process in a closed system (pdV) and work in a flow process in an open system (-Vdp). Numerous illustrative examples class-tested many times over the last eight years both in India and abroad. TABLE OF CONTENTS Chapter 1 Introduction Chapter 2 Thermodynamic Concepts asdn the Zeroth Law Chapter 3 Properties of A Pure Substance Chapter 4 Work and Heat Chapter 5 First Law of Thermodynamics And Internal Energy And Enthalpy Chapter 6 Second Law of Thermodynamics And Entropy Chapter 7 Combined First And Second Laws Application Chapter 8 Vapour Cycles Chapter 9 Gas Cycles Chapter 10 Availability and Ir reversibility Chapter 11 Thermodynamic Property Relations Chapter 12 Non-reacting Mixtures of Gases and Liquids Chapter 13 Phase Equilibrium: Va pour Liquid Equilibrium of Mixtrues Chapter 14 Chemical Reactions and Combustion Chapter 15 Chemical Equilibrium References Appendix (table a.1 to a.18, mollier chart water) Answers to Selected Problems Index Mollier Diagram of Water(at the end)