ISBN 9780230328761,English For The World: Ielts Writing And Speaking Modules

English For The World: Ielts Writing And Speaking Modules




Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9780230328761

ISBN-10 0230328768


Number of Pages 148 Pages
Language (English)

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This book is specially designed for accountants, business managers, computer professionals, doctors, engineers and all other skilled workers going to work in the UK, Australia, New Zealand. It will also prove to be useful for anyone interested in acquiring global standards in spoken and written English, such as those who work in the IT and BPO industries. The book, thus, meets the needs of a large sector of users of English in and outside educational institutions. The book has been written by an IELTS examiner with years of experience in examining, and years of training and monitoring other examiners. It identifies the needs of examinees and meets those needs. The book has background information for grammar and is illustrated with examples. Each section has exercises with answers so that the prospective examinees can teach themselves and check their progress. The book also clearly explains the rationale behind every band for every feature of the descriptors of IELTS so that the exami About the Author Shreesh Chaudhary is a Professor of English and Linguistics at IIT Madras and has been there since 1988. While working in IIT Madras he has designed and taught semester-length and need-based courses in English grammar, vocabulary, writing and speech, and in Linguistics offered to students and professionals from India and the Indian Ocean-Pacific rim countries. His 40-hour module in Spoken English is one of the most popular courses at IIT. He has designed Indian Society of Technical Education (ISTE) funded courses in Written English. Before joining IIT Madras, he taught at Ranchi University. He has been a visiting member of the faculty of many universities and research institutions, and has examined PhD theses from many universities in India. He has published several papers in international journals besides some books, the latest being Foreigners and Foreign Languages in India: A Sociolinguistic History published by Cambridge University Press. He is a Hornby Trust Fellow, alumnus of the Salzburg Seminar of Austria, Associate and a designated Fellow of the Indian Institute of Advanced Study, Simla, and a Teacher Fellow of CIEFL Hyderabad. Table of Contents Chapter 1: IELT - Introduction ? What Is IELT? Modules ? Versions ? Delivery ? Assessment ? Exercise I ? Chapter 2: Common Features ? Lexical Resource ? Grammatical Range And Accuracy ? Cohesion And Coherence ? Exercise II ? Chapter 3: Writing Module ? Lexical Resource: Spelling ? Punctuation ? Paragraph ? Word Count ? Writing Module: Task I ? Writing Task II ? How To Support Your Essay ? Exercise Iii ? Chapter 4: Speaking Module ? Fluency And Coherence ? Pronunciation ? Structure Of Speaking Module ? Exercises IV ? Answers To Exercises