ISBN 9788183481410,English Grammar & Composition Very Useful For All Competitive Examinations

English Grammar & Composition Very Useful For All Competitive Examinations


SC Gupta



Arihant Publication

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9788183481410

ISBN-10 8183481418


Number of Pages 968 Pages
Language (English)

Entrance Exam Preparation

Table Of Contents Some Basic Terms of English Know the English Fundamentals Articles Translation & Tenses Sequence of Tense Noun Pronoun Determiners/Adjectives Adverbs The Verbs Syntax: Subject-Verb Agreement Non-Finites Participle Gerund Reported Speech (Direct-Indirect Narrations) Active Voice/Passive Voice Preposition Conjunctions The Interjection (!) Transformation of Sentences Conditional Sentences Unenglish & Superfluous Expressions Question Framing Question Tag Use of Capital Letters and Punctuation Formation of Words Spelling Rules Sentence Structure and Analysis Synthesis of Sentences Phrasal Verbs Idioms and Phrases A Few Proverbs Spotting the Errors Cloze Test/Cloze Passage Phrase Substitution or Sentence Improvement Ordering of Sentences Double Blanks in a Sentence Miscellaneous Exercises (Correct the Sentences) Word Power Synonyms Antonyms Hindi Words Antonyms/Synonyms Homonyms Contronyms Heteronyms Palindrome Pangrams Unusual Word Forms Homographs Paronyms One Word Substitution Foreign Words Group Terms Related Pairs of Words Choosing Appropriate Words Specific Use of Words (Similar Meaning) Words Never Used in Good Sense Words Used as Different parts of speech Some Peculiar Expressions Animals, Males, Females, Youngs and Group Terms Collective Names of Animals Youngones of Animals Words Used in the Constitution Paragraph Writing Letter Writing Precis Writing Report Writing Comprehension