ISBN 9780071078146,English Language Teaching: Approaches And Methodologies : Approaches And Methodologies

English Language Teaching: Approaches And Methodologies : Approaches And Methodologies



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9780071078146

ISBN-10 0071078142


Number of Pages 334 Pages
Language (English)
English Language Teaching: Approaches and Methodologies provides an overview of current approaches to professional development for language teachers, particularly for those new to teaching or those who seek opportunities for in-service teacher education. TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Nature of Language 2. Importance and Functions of Language 3. Lingustic Principles 4. Aims and Objectives of Teaching English 5. Stating Objectives in Behavioural Terms 6. Unit Analysis, Pedagogical Analysis and Lesson Plan 7. Teaching of Prose 8. Teaching of Poetry 9. Teaching of Composition 10. Teaching of Grammar 11. Micro-Teaching 12. Methods of Teaching English 13. Learner Centered Approaches 14. Instructional Material 15. Development of Listening Skills 16. Development of Speaking Skills 17. Development of Reading Skills 18. Development of Writing Skills 19. Extracurricular Activities Related to English 20. Remedial Teaching in English 21. Evaluation 22. Digital Portfolio: Use of ICT in Learning Exercise for Language Competency