ISBN 9780071333283,English Language Teaching In India : The Shifting Paradigms

English Language Teaching In India : The Shifting Paradigms



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9780071333283

ISBN-10 0071333282


Number of Pages 148 Pages
Language (English)

Language Teaching & Learning

This book is a collection of author's creative and practically innovative responses to some of the perennial challenges and changes in the field of English Language Teaching in India. He has made an attempt to cover almost all aspects of English Language Learning (ELL) in this volume: vocabulary, spelling, pronunciation, grammar, discourse, specific language skills, use of technology in learning, non-verbal communication skills, literature in the ELL classroom, and so on. However, the primary and recurrent concern of this volume is to highlight effective motivational strategies for successful learning of English language. TABLE OF CONTENTS Chapter 1 Global Influence of English Chapter 2 English Problems and Indian Solutions Chapter 3 Impact of Globalization and Information Technology on English Teaching Chapter 4 Technology-Enabled Language Learning Chapter 5 The Crux of Teaching English with Technology Chapter 6 Quotations for Motivation in the ESL Classroom Chapter 7 The 5 S Approach to Vocabulary Development Chapter 8 The Basics of English Grammar and Discourse Chapter 9 The Vowels in Question Words Chapter 10 The Pronunciation of X Chapter 11 Technical Speaking Chapter 12 A Perspective on Teaching Reading Chapter 13 An Integrated Approach to Teaching Writing Chapter 14 English, Communication Skills, and Soft Skills Chapter 15 Thinking as a Communication Skill Chapter 16 Teaching Non-Verbal Communication Skills Chapter 17 The Proverbial Teaching of English Chapter 18 An Indian Experiment in English for Specific Purposes (ESP) Chapter 19 A Deconstructive Reading of John Milton's On His Blindness Index