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English Poems of Prophet Mohammad



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Publication Year 2015

ISBN 9788130930718

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The fact of frequent, adverse allusions to the Prophet of Islam in European and English literatures is well known; but little is known about the positive poems on him in English. They came to be written in the closing years of the eighteenth century Coleridge and Southey pioneered the change. Some others followed later, and the tradition continues still. These poems, however, lie scattered in rare works, and despite their considerable merit, have not been collected together so far. The present anthology seeks to fill the desideratum. The 'Historical Introduction: appended to the book, explains the genesis and nature of this traditional literary antagonism responsible for delay in the expression of poetic tributes to the Prophet in English. The poems collected here are variously biographical, appreciative and devotional in approach. While the Muslims may find them particularly heart-warming, others across the faiths may find the Prophet's character and moral values reflected in them instructive and enlightening.

Besides, Islam has been a great civilizing force in history, and an increased awareness of the humanist message and ideals of its founder through the medium of poetry may contribute in some measure to the cause of interfaith tolerance and understanding, urgently needed in the contemporary scenario of eruptive fanaticism and retributive, belligerent counter-extremism. A few negative poems are included to make the anthology more representatives in character, and to mark English Muse's shift from pervasive hatred to understanding and appreciation.

The anthology's time-spectrum spreads from the fourteenth century to the present age. Poets from the UK, USA, India, Pakistan and Bangladesh figure here. In view of their historical importance English translations of Goethe's two remarkable poems on Mohammad, and extracts from Carlyle's famous lecture on Prophet as a Hero are given in separate appendices. Gists of two rare English plays on the Prophet are also included in an appendix each.
About the Author

Masood ul Hasan has a doctorate in English literature from the University of Liverpool, UK, and has taught at the Aligarh Muslim University for four decades. He served as Chairman of the Department of English and Modern European Languages, and the Dean, Faculty of Arts, at the same university. He retired as Professor in 1988. His publication include Donne's Imagery; Francis Quarles: A critical Assessment; Rare English Books in India; Miltoniana in India (which contains translations of Milton's works into the major India languages); Sufism and English literature: From Chaucer to the Modern Age; and Epithalamiums: An Anthology of Marriage Poems from Chaucer to the Moder Age (co-edited with S. Naqi H. Jafri)

Table of Contents:
William Langland - Makamede John Lydgate - Of Machomet S.T. Coleridge - Mahomet Robert Southey - Mohammed - A Fragment Hamilton M. Macleod - Mohammed - I (Extracts) Hamilton M. Macleod - Mohammed - II (Extracts) Richard Monckton Milnes - Mohammed and the Assassin Richard Monckton Milnes - Mohammed and the Blind Abdullah Bayard Taylor - The Birth of the Prophet Sir Edwin Arnold - Muhammad's Journey to Heaven Sir Edwin Arnold - Muhammad in the Cemetery Sir Edwin Arnold - The Prophet's Oath John Greenleaf Whittier - Requital Cassamally Jairazbhoy - The Call Divine Sir Nizamat Jung - The Blessed Messenger Sir Nizamat Jung - 'My Poverty is My Pride' Sir Nizamat Jung - Quba Sir Nizamat Jung - A Prayer in the Prophet's Shrine, Medina Adam U-Shaikh - Minstrel of God, Muhammad A. Rauf Luther - Mohammad Love of Gracious God A. Rauf Luther - Report of First Revelation A. Rauf Luther - First Public Address A. Rauf Luther - His Followers Tortured A. Rauf Luther - His Appearance A. Rauf Luther - Arrival at Medina A. Rauf Luther - Blessed Names of Mohammad Krishna Srinivas - Muhammad (Extracts) Kamala (Das) Surayya - Ya! Mohammed David Abdal-Hayy Moore - Man Among Us David Abdal-Hayy Moore - The Prophet Muhammad Walked In David Abdal-Hayy Moore - The Prophet Muhammad Arose One Morning David Abdal-Hayy Moore - Muhammad's Birth David Abdal-Hayy Moore - Sparrow on the Prophet's Tomb Abdul Majeed Khan - Mohammad's Profession Abdul Majeed Khan - The Call of the Inner Consciousness Abdul Majeed Khan - Treatment of the Captives Abdul Majeed Khan - Character and Manners Abdul Majeed Khan - The Last Hajj of Our Prophet S.L. Peeran - Message of Islam S.L. Peeran - Last Hajj Alamgir Hashmi - The Prophet Umer O. Thasneem - Taif Proves Deaf Umer O. Thasneem - Badr Bravado Syed Ameeruddin - The Last Prophet Appendices: Thomas Carlyle - Hero as a Prophet (Extracts) Johann Wolfgang von Goethe - Mahomet's Song Johann Wolfgang von Goethe - Mahomet Speaks Johann Wolfgang von Goethe - Plan of the Proposed Play on the Prophet R.M. Rilke - The Calling of Mohammed Inayat Khan - Amin, the Faithful Trustee (Gist of the Play) Isabel Anderson - The Green Turban (Gist of the Play) Golam Mostofa - Song of Adulation for the Holy Prophet Kazi Nazrul Islam - Oh Bulbul Kazi Nazrul Isla- Son of Amina Sharfood-din al-Busiri - Kasida-i-Burda (Extract from English translation)