ISBN 9780070700888,Enterprise Resource Planning : Text And Cases

Enterprise Resource Planning : Text And Cases



Tata McGraw - Hill Education

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9780070700888

ISBN-10 0070700885


Number of Pages 620 Pages
Language (English)


This book is not only on ERP but also covers other enterprise applications like PLM, CRM, SCM, SRM etc. which are growing at a faster rate than core ERP application as the ERP market is getting saturated. This text is intended for students (who want to learn these topics for the first time), for practicing executives (who want to move to a career in ERP from their traditional role in finance, operations, marketing or HR and want to know what ERP or CRM is all about) and finally for managers who are responsible for selecting, implementing and maintaining an ERP/CRM/PLM/SCM package in their organisation. Salient Features The book focuses on Industry specific enterprise application like manufacturing, service industry A separate cases study section. Cases are from Indian as well from global companies Discussion on emerging technology areas like cloud computing, SAAS, RFID, M-Commerce etc This book discusses on different functional areas covered by ERP and Enterprise Applications like human capital management, customer relationship management, financial management etc Detailed discussion on lifecycle of ERP/Enterprise Applications TABLE OF CONTENTS Preface SECTION 1: Introduction to ERP and Enterprise Applications 1. ERP Overview 3 SECTION 2: Implementation and Support 2. ERP Implementation Life Cycle, Methodologies and Strategy 3. Business Case and Return on Investment Analysis for ERP 4. Selecting Consulting Partner 5. ERP Package Selection 6. ERP Project Team and Project Organisation Structure 7. ERP Project Management 8. Managing Requirements 9. Business Process Reengineering 10. Business Process Modelling and Business Modelling 11. Gaps Identification and Strategies to Bridge the Gap 12. Configuring and Testing of the Solution 13. Managing ERP Security 14. Data Migration 15. Cutover Planning and Go Live Preparation 16. Training 17. Change Management 18. Success or Failure of ERP Implementation 19. Application Support SECTION 3: ERP Functional Modules 20. Human Capital Management 21. Financial Management 22. Procurement and Inventory Management Through ERP 23. Supplier Relationship Management 24. Production Planning and Execution 25. Supply Chain Planning 26. Sales and Service 27. Logistics Execution: Warehouse and Transport Management 28. Customer Relationship Management 29. Quality Management 30. Maintenance Management and Enterprise Asset Management 31. Product Lifecycle Management SECTION 4: Technology Areas of ERP and Enterprise Applications 32. Portal, Content Management and Knowledge Management 33. Data Warehousing, Data Mining, Business Intelligence and Analytics 34. ERP and Enterprise Applications?Emerging Trends SECTION 5: ERP for Industries 35. ERPs for Different Manufacturing Industries 36. ERPs for Different Service Industries SECTION 6: Case Studies Cases of ERP and Enterprise Application Index