ISBN 9788183332408,Enterprise Security

Enterprise Security



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Publication Year 2007

ISBN 9788183332408

ISBN-10 8183332404


Number of Pages 198 Pages
Language (English)

Engineering: general

The tough waters of today make security of enterprise mechanisms one of the top priorities on most CIO'S  agenda. This book covers both concepts and implementation of enterprise security from a holistic, process-oriented perspective. While still uncommon, the approaches listed herein certainly best model the threats that affect our installations. This book will explain you to look security based on risk assessment and worries about all aspects of the system equally. After all we do not want to be building  bullet-proof steel doors in a house made of paper walls. After discussion the main challenges that make achieving optimal security difficult, we will concentrate on these process-based holistic approaches: Vulnerability Scanning, Simplified Security Risk Analysis. Threat Modeling, Intusion Prevention/Detection System, Information Security Management Systems and Security Framework. This book will also help you in achieving compliances such as ISO27001, and OWASP. It will provide you with the knowledge and skills to begin supporting network security within your organization. Upon completion of this volume, you would be able to identify security threats and vulnerabilities and build a solid response and recovery plan to deal with network security incidents.   The book will help the reader in these ways How to budget security ? how to think like a Security Analyst The reasons why you need an assessment The most important parts of the all-critical risk analysis The fundamentals of a security policy Fundamentals of Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing How to design and implement perimeter intrusion detection and prevention systems How to implement effective ISMS 0 Information Security Management Systems  ? Achieving various compliances like ISO7001 Contents Chapter 1 : Information Security Chapter 2 : Need Assessment and Risk Analysis Chapter 3 : Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing Chapter 4 : Security Policies Chapter 5 : Electronic Security Chapter 6 : Data Security Chapter 7 : Information Security Management Systems Chapter 8 : Compliances Chapter 9 :Whitepapers Glossary