ISBN 9788174464583,Environment Management

Environment Management


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Publication Year 2005

ISBN 9788174464583

ISBN-10 8174464581


Number of Pages 170 Pages
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Man`s close inter-relationship with his environment implies that he must respect the inviolability of the Earth`s self-correcting mechanisms that, while fairly robust, cannot long endure abuse. However, industrial society ? with its insatiable craving for more and more energy, for production as well as propulsion ? has caused enormous environmental degradation. Modern society needs machines, which need energy, which in turn need fuel?the root cause of Man`s deliverance as well as being his nemesis. Deforestation, a depleted ozone layer, unprecedented climatic changes, droughts, floods, poisoned ground water, vast tonnages of non-biodegradable solids and chemical vapours injected into the environment, cancers?all warn that a better model of industrial and social development is needed. More than mere legislation, what is required is a holistic view of progress per se. This book vividly describes the process by which pollution has become such a horrifying part of our lives. In decrying the western path to development that set the trend, it argues for a return to a saner world-view, making this captivating book a riveting encounter for laymen, students, researchers and policy makers alike. Contents include: Environment and Mankind/Concept of Environment Pollution/Laws of the Land for Pollution Control/Core Functions of State Pollution Control Boards/Environmental Management System/A Case Study at a Glance: Paradigm Vista/RSP ? Towards a New Horizon/Thinkers Should Think Globally and Act Locally