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Environmental Biotechnology



Oxford University Press

Publication Year 2007

ISBN 9780199228614

ISBN-10 0199228612

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Edition 2nd
Number of Pages 456 Pages
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Environmental & ecological science

Continued advances in biotechnology have driven forward the harnessing of micro-organisms and plants to help protect our fragile environment from the impact of human activity in increasingly targeted yet diverse ways. Environmental Biotechnology provides a broad overview of the subject, focusing on how biotechnological techniques are applied to solve environmental problems, rather than giving detailed explanations of the techniques themselves.
Opening with an overview of environmental biotechnology, and a review of the key aspects of microbiology upon which the field is based, the book goes on to explore the diverse way in which biotechnology is applied to tackle environmental problems and issues, from monitoring of the environment and treatment of waste, to the removal of pollutants and extraction of oil and minerals. The book closes with a discussion of the ways in which future advances in biotechnology are likely to be harnessed to address current and emerging issues and problems in increasingly effective and powerful ways.
Capturing the current excitement in a field reinvigorated by advances in genetic manipulation, and emerging genomic and proteomic technologies, Environmental Biotechnology is the perfect resource for any student needing to develop a sound understanding of biotechnology, and the diverse ways it can be applied to address important environmental issues.

1: Introduction
2: Microbiology
3: Environmental Monitoring
4: Sewage Treatment
5: Bioremediation
6: Biotechnology and Sustainable Technology
7: Biofuels
8: Natural Resource Recovery
9: Agricultural Biotechnology
10: Biotechnology of the Marine Environment
11: Specific topics

About the Author: Alan Scragg

Alan Scragg, Senior Lecturer in Biotechnology, School of Biosciences, University of The West England, UK