ISBN 9789381162965,Environmental Chemistry

Environmental Chemistry


V K Ahluwalia


Ane Books Pvt. Ltd



Ane Books Pvt. Ltd

Publication Year 2015

ISBN 9789381162965

ISBN-10 9381162964

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Edition 2nd
Number of Pages 276 Pages
Language (English)

Environmental chemistry

As per guidelines of the University Grants Commission, New Delhi, students in the science stream at both the graduate as well as postgraduate level should be taught Environmental Chemistry. The book starts with a general introduction about environmental chemistry with a view to show that chemistry has played a major role in a number of environmental problems. The first chapter deals with the environmental, types of environment, segments of environment and environmental pollution. Various biogeochemical cycles also form the subject-matter in this chapter.
Chapter 2 on Hydrosphere covers characteristics of water including chemical composition of ground water, river water and lake water, sea water and wetlands. Hydrological cycle has been described. Besides these purification and conservation of water have also been described. Chapter 3 deals with soil including soil profile and the composition of soil. Soil pollution and waste treatment has also been incorporated. Chapter 4 deals with atmosphere and chemical and photochemical reactions in the atmosphere. Major atmospheric pollutants, their effects and control measures have also been described. Pollution caused by various industries forms the subject matter of Chapter 5. Disposal and treatment of pollutants have been incorporated. Chapter 6 deals with noise pollution its effects on health and controlling it. The measurement of noise and its sources have also been incorporated. Chapter 7 deals with environmental toxicology. Toxic elements in air, water, soil are described. Impact of toxic chemicals on enzymes and some environmental episodes have been described. This chapter is the use of Green Chemistry for better industrial process using the basic principles, the industries may not discharge toxic chemicals or gases into the environment.