ISBN 9788184121841,Environmental Education & Population Education

Environmental Education & Population Education



Asian Books Private Ltd

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9788184121841

ISBN-10 8184121849


Language (English)

Population & demography

Environmental Education and Population Education, both are the urgent needs of the time, considering the global degradation of environmental condition, that leads to the threatening of not only the environmental plants and spieces but also the existence of human being on earth. As the print factor although not unique, the tremendous population growth also has contributed largely in degrading environmental situation. Various environmental disasters are caused by natural hazard, hula good numbers of disasters are also caused by man made hazard. No matter how, but disasters are panic and harmful. As some of the disasters are unavoidable curse for all living beings on earth, people need to gather knowledge on some means and devices as how to cope with the problem. This book is trying to help the readers to face the disasters and other problems arising from environmental conditions and population explosion with various scientific and practical knowledge.