ISBN 9780070659551,Envisioning An Empowered Nation : Technology For Societal Transformation

Envisioning An Empowered Nation : Technology For Societal Transformation



Tata Mcgraw Hill Education Private Limited

Publication Year 2007

ISBN 9780070659551

ISBN-10 0070659559


Language (English)


India has a rich heritage and a talented workforce, and is emerging as a knowledge society. Yet, over 26% of the population is below the poverty line; illiteracy and large scale unemployment persist. Over the years, the authors have interacted with people from all walks of life. During these interactions, they could perceive a strong desire of the people to live in a prosperous, peaceful and safe India. Moreover, they realised that technology is the engine which is capable of leading the nation towards growth and prosperity. These factors spurred the authors to write this book. The authors dwell on the vision and emphasise the mission for people from all walks of life for actualising a Developed India by 2020. A Nation is great, not because a few people are great, but because everyone in the Nation is great Developed India' vision is indeed a challenge and this can be overcome only if we, the one billion people come forward and join hands, forgetting all other petty issues. Table of content :- Chapter 1. Technology: The Prime Mover for a Developed Nation Chapter 2. The Dimensions of Technology Chapter 3. Value Addition in Agriculture Chapter 4. Manufacturing in the Knowledge Era Chapter 5. Healthcare Revolution Chapter 6. Advances in the Strategic Sector Chapter 7. Integrated Knowledge Economy Chapter 8. Vision to Mission Epilogue Conclusion Case Study I: Design of Satellite Launch Vehicles: Recollection of SLV-3 Experience Case Study II: Integrated Design Approach for Advanced Aerospace Vehicles: A Guided Missile Experience