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EPS 07 International Relations



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ISBN 9789381638323

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EPS 7 International Relations CONTENTS COVERED Block 1 Understanding International Relations Unit1 Why Study International Relations? Scope and Approaches Unit2 Some Concepts: ImperialisNationalism, Fascism, Revolution Unit3 Some Concepts: State Systems Power, National Interest, Security Block 2 InterWar Period Unit4 World War I : Causes, Events and Consequences Unit5 Bolshevik Revolution and its Impact Block 3 Cold War Period Unit6 World War Causes and Consequences (Emergence of Super Powers) Unit7 Cold War : Meaning, Patterns and Dimensions Unit8 NonAligned Movement Unit9 Arms Race and the Nuclear Threat Unit10 Disarmament and Peace Movement Unit11 Disarmament and Peace Movement Block 4 Emergence of the Third World Unit12 Colonialism and Patterns of National Liberation Movements Unit13 Features of the Third World State Block 5 End of the Cold War and its Aftermath Unit14 The Gulf War Unit15 Disintegration of the Socialist Bloc Unit16 Perspectives on the Changing World Order Block 6 Institutions and Organisations Unit17 Restructuring of the United Nations System Unit18 Globalisation of the EconomyIBRD, IMF and WTO Unit19 The Regional Organizations:EU, Asean, APEC, OIC, and OAU Block 7 Issues in Development Unit20 Environment Sustainable Human Development Unit21 Human Rights and International Politics Unit22 The EthnoNational Conflicts, Patterns and Dimensions Unit23 International Terrorism Unit24 Revolution in Communication Technology QUESTION PAPERS 1. Question Paper Dec 2008 2. Solution Paper June 2006 3. Solution Paper Dec 2006 4. Solution Paper June 2007 5. Solution Paper Dec 2007 6. Solution Paper June 2008 7. Solution Paper June 2009 8. Question Paper Dec 2009 9. Solution Paper June 2010 10 Question Paper Dec 2010 11. Solution Paper June 2011 12. Question Paper Dec 2011 13. Solution Paper June 2012 14. Question Paper Dec 2012 15. Question Paper June 2013 16. Question Paper Dec 2013 17. Question Paper June 2014