ISBN 9789381690222,EPS 08 Government And Politics In Australia

EPS 08 Government And Politics In Australia



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Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9789381690222

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EPS 8 Government and Politics In Australia CONTENTS COVERED Block 1 Introducing Australia Unit1 Physical Settings Unit2 Resource Endowments Unit3 Population and Demographic Characteristics Block 2 Society and Culture Unit4 Evolution of Multicultural Society Unit5 Aboriginal Population : Land Rights Unit6 Emergence of Nationalism Block 3 Political Structure Unit7 Australian Constitution: Evolution and Features Unit8 Political Institutions Unit9 Federalism: Structure of Working Unit10 Administrative System Block 4 Political Processes Unit11 Party System and Electoral Politics Unit12 Patterns of Political Culture (Agencies) Unit13 Emerging Trends in Australian Politics Unit14 Trade Union Movements Block 5 Australian Economy Unit15 Australian EconomyEvolution and Features Unit16 Australian EconomyPatterns of International Trade and Investment Unit17 Integration into the Global Economy Block 6 Australia in World AffairsI Unit18 Evolution of Australian Foreign PolicyDeterminants and Features Unit19 Australia and Majors PowersI USA and USSR Russia Unit20 Australia and Majors PowersII Japan, China and European Union Block 7 Australia in World AffairsII Unit21 Australia and Regional Groupings ASEAN and ARF APEC, Indian Ocean RimAssociation for Regional Cooperation and the South Pacific Forum Unit22 Australia and India Block 8 Issues and Trends in Contemporary Australia Unit23 Immigration and Race Relations Unit24 Peace Movement and Human Rights Unit25 Gender Issues Unit26 Environmental Issues and Trends Unit27 Internationalisation of Education QUESTION PAPERS 1. Solution Paper Dec 2006 2. Solution Paper June 2007 3. Solution Paper Dec 2007 4. Solution Paper June 2008 5. Solution Paper Dec 2008 6. Solution Paper June 2009 7. Question Paper Dec 2009 8. Question Paper June 2010 9. Question Paper Dec 2010 10. Question Paper June 2011 11. Question Paper Dec 2011 12. Question Paper June 2012 13. Question Paper Dec 2012 and more