ISBN 9789381638316,EPS 09 Comparative Government And Politics

EPS 09 Comparative Government And Politics



Gullybaba Publishing House

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9789381638316

ISBN-10 9381638314


Number of Pages 210 Pages
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EPS 9 Comparative Government and Politics CONTENTS COVERED Block 1 Comparative methods and Approaches Unit1 Nature, Scope And Utility Of Comparative Study Of Politics Unit2 Comparative Method And Strategies Of Comparison Unit3 Institutional Approach Unit4 Systems Approach Unit5 The Political Economy Approach Block 2 National Movement And AntiColonial Struggles Unit6 Ideology, Social Bases And Programmes Of National Movements Unit7 Patterns Of AntiColonial Struggles Unit8 Dynamics Of State Formation In Colonial Era Block 3 Society, Economy And State Unit9 Social Structures And Stratification Unit10 Class Formation Unit11 Social Bases Of State Power Unit12 Development Strategies Block 4 Classification Of Political Regimes Unit13 Modes Of Classification Of Political Regimes Unit14 Democratic And Authoritarian Regimes Unit15 Civilian And Military Regimes Unit16 Secular And Theocratic Regimes Block 5 Institutions And Forms Of Government Unit17 Organs Of Government : Executive, Legislature And Judiciary Unit18 Unitary And Fedeml Systems: Patterns And Trends In Federal Systems Unit19 Republicanism Block 6 Patterns Of Political Participation And Representation Unit20 Party Systems Unit21 Pressure Groups Unit22 Electoral Process Block7 Social Movements Unit23 Trade Union Movement Unit24 Peasants Unit25 Women's Movement Unit26 Environment Unit27 Human Rights Movements Block 8 Globalisation And The Developing World Unit28 Globalisation : Background And Features Unit29 Impact Of Globalisation On Developing Societies Unit30 Globalisation And The Response Of The Developing Countries QUESTION PAPERS 1. Solution Paper June 2007 2. Solution Paper Dec 2007 3. Solution Paper June 2008 4. Solution Paper Dec 2008 5. Solution Paper June 2009