ISBN 9789381638330,EPS 1/11 Political Ideas And Ideologies

EPS 1/11 Political Ideas And Ideologies



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Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9789381638330

ISBN-10 9381638330


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EPS 1 11 Political Ideas and Ideologies CONTENTS COVERED Block 1 What is Political Theory and Why do We Need It? Unit1Understanding the Political Unit2Political Arguments and Conceptual Analysis Unit3Theorising the Political Unit4The Need for Political Theory Unit5Conceptions of Political Theory Block 2 Political Traditions Unit6Greek and Roman Traditions Unit7The Confucian Tradition Unit8ArabicIslamic Political Traditions Unit9Western: Liberal and Marxist Traditions Unit10Indian Political Traditions Block 3 Understanding the State Unit11State, Civil Society and Community Unit12Sovereignty Unit13Meaning and Nature of the State Block 4 Power, Authority and Legitimacy Unit14Legitimacy Unit15Power and Authority Unit16Political Obligation and Revolution Block 5 Rights, Equality, Liberty and Revolution Unit17Justice Unit18Liberty Unit19Rights and Citizenship Unit20Equality Block 6 Democracy Unit21Socialist Democracy Unit22Direct and Participatory Democracy Unit23Representative Democracy Block 7 Political Ideologies Unit24Gandhism (Dharma, Swaraj, Sarvodaya and Satyagraha) Unit25Marxism Unit26Fascism Unit27Individualism and Communitarianism Block 8 Political Ideologies Unit28Disadvantaged and Affirmative Action Unit29State and Globalisation Unit30Development Unit31Secularism QUESTION PAPERS 1. Solution Paper June 2006 2. Solution Paper Dec 2006 3. Solution Paper June 2007 4. Solution Paper Dec 2007 5. Solution Paper June 2008 6. Question Paper Dec 2008 7. Question Paper June 2009 8. Question Paper Dec 2009 9. Question Paper June 2010 10. Solution Paper Dec 2010 11. Solution Paper June 2011 12. Question Paper Dec 2011 13. Solution Paper June 2012