ISBN 9789381690703,ES 341 Teaching Of Science

ES 341 Teaching Of Science



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Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789381690703

ISBN-10 9381690707


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ES 341 Teaching Of Science CONTENTS COVERED Block1 Instructional Planning and Evaluation in Science Unit1 Science in School Curriculum Unit2 Approaches and Methods of Teaching Science Unit3 Planning and Designing for Effective Instruction in Science Unit4 Evaluation of Learners Progress Block2 Teaching of Physics Unit5 Force and Motion Unit6 Light Image Formation by Mirrors and Lenses Unit7 Electromagnetism Unit8 Universe and Space Exploration Block3 Teaching of Chemistry Unit9 Atomic Structure, Periodic Classification and Chemical Bonding Unit10 Chemical Reactions Unit11 Extraction of the Metals and Nonmetals Unit12 Carbon and its Compounds Block4 Teaching of Life Sciences Unit13 Organisation in the Living World Unit14 Food Production and Management Unit15 Nutrition and Health Unit16 Man and Environment QUESTION PAPERS 1. Question Paper June 2002 2. Solution Paper Dec 2002 3. Solution Paper June 2003 4. Solution Paper Dec 2003 5. Solution Paper June 2006 6. Solution Paper June 2007 7. Solution Paper Dec 2007 8. Question Paper June 2008 9. Question Paper Dec 2008 10. Question Paper June 2009 11. Question Paper Dec 2009 12. Question Paper June 2010 13. Question Paper Dec 2010 14. Question Paper June 2011 15. Question Paper Dec 2011 16. Question Paper June 2012 17. Question Paper Dec 2012 18. Question Paper June 2013 19. Question Paper Dec 2013