ISBN 9789381638163,ES 361 Educational Technology

ES 361 Educational Technology



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Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9789381638163

ISBN-10 9381638160


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ES361 Educational Technology CONTENTS COVERED Block 1 Educational Technology: Multifaceted Problem Solving Approach Unit1 Educational Technology for Learning Society Unit2 Case Study of an Open School Unit3 Case Study of a Participative Learning Block 2 Educational Technology: State of the Art Unit4 Evolution of Educational Technology: Technology of Education and Technology in Education Unit5 Instructional Media and MaterialsI Unit6 Instructional Media and MaterialsII Unit7 Emerging Technologies Block 3 Software Development Unit8 Principles of Organising Learning Experiences Unit9 Principles of Designing Software Unit10 Application to Audio Video Programme Unit11 Application to Computer Programmes Block 4 Optimising Learning Unit12 Media Selection and Integration Unit13 Developing Learning Skills Unit14 Experiential Learning Unit15 Evaluation of Educational Technology Unit16 Managing Educational Technology QUESTION PAPERS 1. Question Paper June 2002 2. Question Paper Dec 2002 3. Question Paper June 2003 4. Question Paper Dec 2003 5. Solution Paper Dec 2005 6. Solution Paper June 2006 7. Solution Paper June 2007 8. Solution Paper Dec 2007 9. Solution Paper June 2008 10. Question Paper Dec 2008 11. Question Paper June 2009 12. Solution Paper Dec 2009 13. Question Paper June 2010 14. Solution Paper Dec 2010 15. Solution Paper June 2011 16. Question Paper Dec 2011 17. Solution Paper June 2012 18. Question Paper Dec 2012 19. Question Paper June 2013 20. Question Paper Dec 2013