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ES 364 Distance Education



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Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789381690727

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ES 364 Distance Education CONTENTS COVERED Block 1 Development of Distance Education Unit1 Distance Education : Concept and Scope Unit2 Distance Education : Need and Features Unit3 Growth of Distance Education Unit4 Organisation of Distance Education System Block 2 Teaching at a Distance Unit5 Media and Technology in Distance Education Unit6 Selection of Methods and Media Unit7 Design and Preparation of SelfInstructional Material Unit8 Editing in Distance Education Unit9 Distance Educators Block 3 Learning at a Distance Unit10 Distance Learners Unit11 SelfLearning Unit12 Student Support Services Unit13 Continuous Assessment in Distance Learning Block 4 Programme Evaluation in Distance Education Unit14 Management of Distance Education System Unit15 Programme Evaluation : Concept and Need Unit16 Process of Programme Evaluation Unit17 Economic Perspective QUESTION PAPERS 1. Question Paper June 2002 2. Question Paper Dec 2002 3. Question Paper June 2003 4. Solution Paper Dec 2003 5. Solution Paper Dec 2005 6. Solution Paper June 2006 7. Solution Paper Dec 2007 8. Solution Paper June 2008 9. Question Paper Dec 2008 10. Question Paper June 2009 11. Question Paper Dec 2009 12. Question Paper June 2010 13. Solution Paper Dec 2010 14. Solution Paper June 2011 15. Solution Paper Dec 2011