ISBN 9788186939765,Escape From Harem: A Mughal Saga Of Romance, Revenge And Retribution

Escape From Harem: A Mughal Saga Of Romance, Revenge And Retribution


Roli Books



Roli Books

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9788186939765

ISBN-10 8186939768

Paper Back

Number of Pages 216 Pages
Language (English)

Love and Romance

On that fateful night, Zeenat was pushed into the Mughal emperor's harem so she could satisfy his lust. The story tells us a lot about Jahangir’s laziness and Shah Jahan’s rebellion. Zeenat’s life had changed forever that night. She goes from the harem of Jahangir to Shah Jahan’s golden age of architecture. She even visits Jahanara's boudoir. Her life is a dizzy string of events with both sad and happy moments. She is trapped in her fate of being a woman in a time when they only did what they were told. The Mughal history is filled with soft moments of romance and times of passion and aggression. This book spans across the era between 1610 and 1650.

About Tanushree Podder

Tanushree Podder is a well-known travel writer and novelist. She had worked in the corporate sector for eight years before she got into writing. She is passionate about travelling and writing, and if you don’t find her packing her bags to go around the world, then she is sure to be typing away on her computer. Her book Smart Memory has been translated to Tamil and Spanish