ISBN 9789381638286,ESO 1/11 The Study Of Society

ESO 1/11 The Study Of Society



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Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9789381638286

ISBN-10 9381638284


Number of Pages 183 Pages
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ESO1 11 The Study of Society CONTENTS COVERED Block 1 Understanding Sociology Unit1 Nature and Scope of Sociology Unit2 Basic Concepts in Sociology Unit3 Simple Societies Unit4 Complex Societies Block 2 Groups and Institutions Unit5 Family Unit6 Marriage Unit7 Kinship Block 3 Socialisation and Education Unit8 Nature of Socialisation Unit9 Agencies of Socialisation Unit10 Processes of Education Unit11 Educational Institutions Block 4 Economic Processes Unit12 Economy and Technology Unit13 Production Processes Unit14 Distribution Processes Unit15 Consumption Pattern Block 5 Political Processes Unit16 State and Other Institutions Unit17 Stateless Societies Unit18 State in Traditional Societies Unit19 State in Modern Societies Block 6 Culture and Religion Unit20 Religious Beliefs and Practices Unit21 Culture I : Main Characteristics Unit22 Culture II : Diversity and Change Unit23 Values Unit24 Norms Block 7 Social Structure Block 8 Social Control, Change & Development QUESTION PAPERS 1. Solution Paper June 2007 2. Solution Paper Dec 2007 3. Solution Paper June 2008 4. Solution Paper Dec 2008 5. Solution Paper June 2009 6. Question Paper Dec 2009 7. Question Paper June 2010 8. Question Paper Dec 2010 9. Question Paper June 2011 10. Question Paper Dec 2011 11. Solution Paper June 2012 12. Question Paper Dec 2012 13. Question Paper June 2013 14. Question Paper Dec 2013 15. Question Ppaer June 2014 14. Question Paper Dec 2013 15. Question Paper June 2014