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ESO 2/12 Society In India



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Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789381690246

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ESO 2 12 Society in India CONTENTS COVERED Block 1 Social Structure Rural and Urban Unit1 Urban Social Structure Unit2 Unity and Diversity Unit3 Rural Social Structure Unit4 Village and the Outside World Unit5 Patterns of Urbanisation Block 2 Family, Marriage and Kinship Unit6 KinshipII Unit7 Family and its Types Unit8 Marriage and its Changing Patterns Unit9 KinshipI Block 3 Economy and Polity Unit10 Rural Economy Unit11 Rural Economy Unit12 Urban Economy Unit13 Rural and Urban Poverty Unit14 National Politics Block 4 Social Organisation Unit15 Zoroastrian Social Organisation Unit16 Hindu Social Organisation Unit17 Muslim Social Organisation Unit18Christian Social Organisation Unit19 Sikh Social Organization Block 5 Caste and Class Unit20 Backward Classes Unit21 Caste Structure and Regional Patterns Unit22 Caste Continuity and Change Unit23 The Scheduled Castes Unit24 Class in India Block 6 Tribes in India Unit25 Tribes and Modernisation in India Unit26 Tribes: Social Structure I Unit27 Tribes Social StructureII Unit28 Religion in Tribal Societies Block 7 Women and Society Unit29 Contemporary Women's Issues: Health and Legal Aspects Unit30 Status of Women in India Unit31 Women's movements in India Unit32 Women and Education Unit33 Women and Education Block 8 Social Change Unit34 Ecology and the Future of Society Unit35 Ethnic Relations and Conflicts Unit36 Social Movements Unit37 Development Planning and Change QUESTION PAPERS 1. Solution Paper June2006 2. Solution Paper June 2007 3. Solution Paper Dec 2007 4. Solution Paper June 2008 5. Solution Paper Dec 2008 6. Solution Paper June 2009 7. Solution Paper Dec 2009 8. Solution Paper June 2010 9. Question Paper Dec 2010 10. Solution Paper June 2011 11. Question Paper Dec 2011 12. Solution Paper June 2012 13. Question Paper Dec 2012 14. Question Paper June 2013 15. Question Paper Dec 2013 16. Solution Paper June2014