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ESO 3/13 Sociological Thought



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ISBN 9789381690253

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ESO 3 13 Sociological Thought CONTENTS COVERED Block 1 Early Sociology Unit1 History and Development of Sociology in India II Unit2 Founding Fathers I Unit3 Founding FathersII Unit4 Early Sociology Unit5 History and Development of Sociology in India I Block 2 Karl Marx Unit6 Dialectics and Social Change Unit7 Class and Class Conflict Unit8 Historical Materialism Unit9 Forces, Relations and Modes of Production Block 3 Emile Durkheim Unit10 Forms of Social Solidarity Unit11 Sociology as Science Unit12 Comparative Method Unit13 Collective Representations Block 4 Max Weber Unit14 Rationality Unit15 Ideal Types Unit16 Religion and Economy Unit17 Power and Authority Block 5 Comparative Analysis Unit18 Capitalism: Weber and Marx Unit19 Methodology: Marx, Durkheim and Weber Unit20 Religion: Durkheim and Weber Unit21 Division of Labour `Durkheim and Marx Block 6 Malinowski and RadcliffeBrown Unit22 A Critique of Malinowski and RadcliffeBrown Unit23 Concept of Culture and FunctionMalinowski Unit24 Magic, Science and ReligionMalinowski Unit25 Concept of Social Structure Radcliffe.Brown Unit26 Concept of FunctionRadcliffeBrown Block 7 Parson and Merton Unit27 Critique of Parsons and Merton Unit28 The Concept of Social SystemParsons Unit29 Functionalism and Social ChangeParsons Unit30 Manifest and Latent FunctionMerton Unit31 Theory of Reference GroupMerton QUESTION PAPERS 1. Solution Paper June 2007 2. Solution Paper Dec 2007 3. Solution Paper June 2008 4. Solution Paper Dec 2008 5. Solution Paper June 2009 6. Solution Paper Dec 2009 7. Question Paper June 2010 8. Question Paper Dec 2010 9. Question Paper June 2011 10. Question Paper Dec 2011 11. Question Paper June 2012 12. Question Paper Dec 2012 13. Question Paper June 2013 13. Question Paper Dec 2013 14. Question Paper June 2014