ISBN 9788131228043,Essence of Paediatrics

Essence of Paediatrics



Elsevier - Academic Press

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9788131228043

ISBN-10 8131228045

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Edition 4th
Number of Pages 600 Pages
Language (English)

Paediatric nursing

Essence of Paediatrics is a complete offering on the subject with up-to-date information given in a descriptive manner apt for the undergraduate students. It has complete coverage of the undergraduate curriculum.

This book helps in acquiring a practical know-how of paediatric problems. Discussions on all childhood diseases are given, however detailed coverage is given on diseases like protein energy malnutrition, acute respiratory infections, and diarrheal diseases since these are the major killer diseases of children in countries like India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal etc.

Key Features
Complete book with a nice comprehensive description of the course content
Updated content with recent advancements and guidelines added
Focuses more on the management of diseases
Popular book in Bangladesh with well known authors in Bangladesh Market

Table Of Contents
Chapter 1 History - taking & physical examination
Chapter 2 Neonatology
Chapter 3 Infant feeding
Chapter 4 Growth & development
Chapter 5 Nutritional problems
Chapter 6 Community Paediatrics
Chapter 7 Respiratory disease
Chapter 8 Disease of gastrointestinal system
Chapter 9 Cardiovascular disease
Chapter 10 Renal disease
Chapter 11 Fluid electrolytes and acid base disturbances
Chapter 12 Endocrine & metabolic disease
Chapter 13 Neurology
Chapter 14 Muscle disorders
Chapter 15 Hematology
Chapter 16 Oncology
Chapter 17 Connective tissue disease
Chapter 18 Child psychiatry & developmental disorders
Chapter 19 Dermatology
Chapter 20 Poisoning
Chapter 21 Immunization & infectious disease
Chapter 22 Genetic disorders
Chapter 23 Common surgical problems
Chapter 24 Procedures in practice
Chapter 25 Some selected syndromes
Chapter 26 Miscellaneous
Chapter 27 Growth charts