ISBN 9788131703731,Essential Organic Chemistry

Essential Organic Chemistry




Pearson India



Pearson India

Publication Year 2009

ISBN 9788131703731

ISBN-10 8131703738


Number of Pages 672 Pages
Language (English)


Essential Organic Chemistry, published in 2009, presents the subject of organic chemistry in a format that makes it easy for students to grasp the fundamentals. Its focus is on the most important chemical reactions, which helps every reader thoroughly understand the concepts, instead of just trying to memorize each point. The author explains the reasons behind every reaction that takes place in organic chemistry. Similar reactions are placed one after the other so that students can notice these similarities and be able to comprehend the patterns of the reactions. Some chapters of Essential Organic Chemistry are Electronic Structure and Covalent Bonding, The Organic Chemistry of Lipids, and The Reactions of Alkenes and Alkynes: An Introduction to Multi-Step Synthesis. Topics on Genetic Engineering, Metabolism, and PCR are also covered in this textbook. The author has weaved in about a hundred boxes within the text to showcase the link between Organic Chemistry and its application in the real world. Some such examples are the colours of fruits and vegetables, biodegradable polymers, sunscreens, and artificial blood. In addition to this, numerous solved problems have also been incorporated. This familiarizes readers with a variety of questions and prepares them to solve the exercises at the end of each section, within each chapter. This format ensures that students test themselves and know that they have understood the topics before moving on to the next ones. Thirty problem-solving strategies have also been included in Essential Organic Chemistry. The author has written this textbook in an easy language, making it very user-friendly for undergraduates. She has not just presented the information, but has also encouraged students to develop their critical-thinking skills. This course is for one semester and Essential Organic Chemistry makes this subject interesting for its readers.