ISBN 9788182091078,Essentials Of Java Programming

Essentials Of Java Programming



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Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9788182091078

ISBN-10 8182091071


Language (English)

Computer Books

Essentials of Java Programming From the Beginning is an introductory college textbook aimed at the traditional CS1 course. (Click here to read my 1997 paper about why Java is the best choice for CS1.) It assumes no previous programming experience. Unlike many Java texts currently on the market, Java Programming: From the Beginning avoids trendiness for its own sake, instead focusing on teaching students programming skills on which they can build a career. The emphasis is on learning how to design, implement, and debug programs written in an object-oriented language. Topics are introduced in a spiral fashion, with as little "magic" as possible. Applets are de-emphasized, and there is no attempt to introduce all the features of Java. After using this book in a course, students should be well-prepared to move on to C++ or more advanced courses in Java.