ISBN 9788120324114,Ethics And Security Management On The Web

Ethics And Security Management On The Web


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Niit|School Books

Publication Year 2003

ISBN 9788120324114

ISBN-10 8120324110


Number of Pages 296 Pages
Language (English)

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Managing security on the Web is increasingly becoming the prime concern for computer and network users. Security policies and tools are needed to protect data and systems from ill-behaved and malicious users of the Internet. This book is an introduction to such codes of ethics that make Web surfing safe. Through the pages, it exposes the vulnerabilities of Web contents, and suggests safeguard measures against illegal Web intrusions. Key Features The ethiquettes for Web surfers Key issues related to cyber contents and protection from copyright laws Privacy infringement in cyberspace Public security on the Internet Corporate security policies Beginners/Intermediate Table of Contents Introduction Ethics in Cyberspace Ethics and Web Communication Ethics and Cyber Content Ethics and Privacy in Cyberspace Ethics and e-Biz Basics of the Web and E-commerce Corporate Security Policy Implementing Cryptography Implementing Privacy Implementing Anonymity Malicious Code Implementing Authentication Preventing Web Intrusions Implementing Web Site Security Future Trends in Web Security Appendix