ISBN 9788132104025,Ethics, Business and Society : Managing Responsibly

Ethics, Business and Society : Managing Responsibly


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Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9788132104025

ISBN-10 8132104021


Number of Pages 244 Pages
Language (English)


This compilation analyses the differences between the concepts of ?social responsibility? and ?business ethics?, which are often erroneously understood to be the same. It explains that social responsibility is a characteristic but just one of the many aspects of the much wider concept of business ethics. The collection includes contributions from experts from diverse fields such as industry, academia and non-governmental organizations, who present the theoretical underpinning of the concepts, along with real-life case studies dealing with the varied, hands-on experiences of leaders from different industries. This book will be an insightful read for professionals and researchers in the field of Business and Management. Table of Contents Foreword by S PRAKASH SETHI Prologue I: THE SOCIETY, BUSINESS AND ETHICS: THE BROADER CANVAS Business Ethics ARABINDA RAY Governance and Economic Development BIBEK DEBROY Corporate Philanthropy as an Integrated Concept: The Case of the Novartis Foundation for Sustainable Development KLAUS M LEISINGER Perspectives on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): A case Study of the Tata Group of Companies D K SRIVASTAVA Ethical Dimensions in Technical Education?The BITS Experience L K MAHESWARI XLRI: ?Renewing the Face of the Earth? PINGALI VENUGOPAL Education for a Just, Humane and Equitable Society DILEEP RANJEKAR Civil Society and Governance SUBIR RAHA II: ETHICS IN BUSINESS AND CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: TOWARDS HORIZON CSR for Promoting Stakeholder Engagement USHA JUMANI Integrating Environmental Management in Small Industries of India: Towards Socially Responsible Initiatives ANANDA DAS GUPTA Ethics in Science and Technology: Exploring a Select Perspective PARTHASARATHI BANERJEE Indian Model of Leadership PRASAD KAIPA Governing the Socially Responsible Corporation: A Gandhian Perspective N BALASUBRAMANIAN Corporate Governance and the Role of Independent Directors ARINDAM BANIK and PRADIP BHAUMIK Epilogue