ISBN 9780719558092,Evening Ragas: A Photographer In India

Evening Ragas: A Photographer In India


Derry Moore


John Murray



John Murray

Publication Year 1997

ISBN 9780719558092

ISBN-10 0719558093

Hard Back

Number of Pages 128 Pages
Language (English)

Body & health

A magnificent portrait of post-Raj India before the modern world swept across the subcontinent. Featuring 100 superbly reproduced, full-page photographs. There is a remarkable image, among these photographs, of a billiard room at Hyderabad bathed in silence and shadows. It is the hushed room of a palace in which the body of a grandee might lie in state, awaiting his funeral. This image sets the scene for Derry Moore's splendid photographic evocation of an independent India that had all but vanished by the late 1970s: above all, an India still untouched by mass tourism. Initially, Moore set out to photograph the princely palaces, but he became increasingly intrigued by the lesser-known buildings--and those that inhabited them. In them, he found eccentricity, originality, and an extraordinary hybrid of Indian and British taste. The photographs in this book are printed full page without margins or captions (details of each come at the end). The design accentuates the exceptional quality of the images, carrying the reader into a bygone world that has been recorded with skill and sensitivity. 128 pp 10 x 10 102 b/w photos