ISBN 9781861975997,Eveolution



Faith Popcorn


Profile Books Ltd



Profile Books Ltd

Publication Year 2001

ISBN 9781861975997

ISBN-10 1861975996


Number of Pages 306 Pages
Language (English)


The first book which explains why all companies need to market to women AND teaches them how to do it. Women are now the primary decision makers or significant influencers in more than 80% of consumer purchasers. And they're not just buying makeup and washing powder and keeping the storecupboard stocked. Women are responsible for 65% of vehicle purchases, 50% of personal computer purchases and also buy a hefty percentage of all luxury items, travel and leisure products. They have emerged as the most influential consumer force in history. But while there are countless books about how women think differently, talk differently and feel differently, this is the first about how they buy or relate to brands differently. Women want to form a bond with the companies and brands they do business with. And they are increasingly in a position to demand this relationship and to punish marketers who fail to deliver it by taking their business to those few enlightened marketers who 'get it' - the ones who are creating brands that women will want to join, not just to buy. Faith Popcorn, leading consumer trend forecaster and consultant to the Fortune 500, calls this growing trend EVEolution and she predicts it will redefine the way companies and brands of all kinds and all categories create profitable and enduring consumer relationships. In this book she demonstrates the operating principles for good marketers, who, when it comes to their female consumers, have been behaving badly, guiding them through the eight truths that will give them the ability to successfully market to women.

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