ISBN 9788129119032,Everyday Dharma

Everyday Dharma


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ISBN 9788129119032

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American Buddhist Lama Willa Miller masterfully adapts the ancient Tibetan belief-system of dharma to help contemporary readers, in search of personal transformation, live a life of grace to create a better world. Everyday Dharma is a seven-week guide to the practice of dharma, including inspirational messages, exercises and tips to help readers achieve their goal of a life of harmony. "Lama Willa's way of teaching is fresh, accessible, welcoming, and profound. She speaks with clarity and simplicity to the widest possible audience-readers of any spiritual tradition, or none. Like reversed spiritual teachers of the past, she opens a door for us into our hearts, where she helps us glimpse, and then bring forth, the profound goodness that we always were. Whoever takes up the meditations and teaching of this book will never be the same." "Lama Willa persuades us that we, even we, can be spiritual heroes, that enlightened altruism is a joyous, come-as-you-are party." "Here are words from a truly wise woman to help us live more effectively and wisely and to share our gifts with the world." About the Author Lama Willa Miller, an authorized lama in the Tibetan tradition, completed her training under the direction of leading Tibetan lamas of the twentieth century. She teaches throughout the United States and is the founder of Natural Dharma Fellowship, a Buddhist organization that emphasizes integrating ancient wisdom with modern life.

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