ISBN 9788183334877,Everything youw ant to know about Organisational Change

Everything youw ant to know about Organisational Change


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BPB Publications

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9788183334877

ISBN-10 8183334873


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Why do organizations change? What are the risks involved? Can we resist change? What is the best way to manage it? What are the key factors that drive change, and how? Why are some changes easier to survive than others? Be fully equipped to manage change These are just some of the questions that Darren Arcangel and Brian Johnson address in Everything you want to know about Organisational Change. This practical guide recognizes that every organization functions differently, has different goals, and faces different challenges. It will give you the tools you need to understand the factors influencing your organisation, to identify how your business must respond, and to implement the necessary changes. Your organization will survive and become more efficient.

Where does IT fit in?

Given particular consideration is the role of IT in managing change, and the way in which it can be both an enabler and an inhibitor of change. This book will enable you to ensure that all departments in your organisation work together efficiently and effectively, making your business more productive and profitable.

The book will enable you to:

  • Know about the key drivers of change and how to respond to them

  • Identify when change is necessary, and the risks of resistance

  • Understand the key things to consider when faced with change Why? What? How? Who? When?

  • Be aware of the six major facets of business and how they interconnect

  • Use IT to maximum effect, smooth your path to change and minimize potential problems

  • Manage the transition

About the Authors
Darren Arcangel is currently a VP at CA Technologies. He has held a number of senior positions focusing on IT transformations, including in the areas of project governance, data centre transformations and IT service management. He is an ITIL v3 expert in ITIL service management. In his spare time, Darren loves participating in outdoor activities with his wife and children.

Brian Johnson has held a number of key leadership and strategic roles in government and private companies. He was a part of the UK government team that created the ITIL approach. He has written a number of books onITIL, the software life cycle and the role of IT in business. When he isnt working or writing, Brians passion is playing football.