ISBN 9788191067385,Evolution, Religion And The Unknown God

Evolution, Religion And The Unknown God



Amaryllis Publishing House

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9788191067385

ISBN-10 8191067382

Hard Back

Number of Pages 304 Pages
Language (English)

Adult education, continuous learning

A path-breaking book by the bestselling author of Beyond Man: The life and Work of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. A witness of creation, if there had been one conscious but uninstructed, would only have seen appearing out of a vast abyss of an apparent non-existence an Energy busy with the creation of Matter, a material world and material objects,organizing the infinity of the Inconscient into the scheme of a boundless universe or a system of countless universes that stretched around him into nebulae and star-clusters and suns and planets, existing only for itself, without a sense in it, empty of cause and purpose. The author handles the complex issue of evolution in a simple way to make it more accessible to the lay readers.The book narrates the relevant events in the history of Darwinism, the most popular of the several theories of evolution.What is nowdays generally labelled as Darwinism hardly resembles what Darwin wrote in The Origin of Species, but is the result of scientific developments that are at times considered anti-Darwinian.The book analyses and clearly discerns between the theoeies of creationism and intelligent design.The author highlights how much of the Darwinist view and the present controversies over evolution results from the exclusively Judeo-Christian background of Western thought. He makes the necessary difference between religion and spirituality.Finally, he expounds the still little known evolutionary vision of Sri Aurobindo, Eastern in origin, but synthetic in its application./ul> About the Author Georges Van Vrekhem is a Flemish speaking Belgian who writes in English. He became well-known in his country as a journalist, poet and playwright. He first got acquainted with the works of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother in 1964. In 1970 he joined the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry, and in 1978 became a member of Auroville, where he is still living and writing. His published works include Beyond Man, the Life and Work of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother; The Mother, the Story of Her Life; and Hitler and His God-The Background to the Nazi Phenomenon. Books by him have been translated into Dutch, French, German, Italian,Russian,and Spanish. He was awarded the Sri Aurobindo Puraskar for 2006 by the Government of West Bengal.