ISBN 9780875849010,Evolving Bargain: Strategic Implications of Deregulation and Privatization

Evolving Bargain: Strategic Implications of Deregulation and Privatization



Harvard Universal Press

Publication Year 2000

ISBN 9780875849010

ISBN-10 0875849016


Number of Pages 256 Pages
Language (English)

Finance & Investment

Over the last two decades, deregulation and privatization have swept the globe, opening up a wide range of markets to private investment and heightened competition. But while the government's role in these sectors has diminished, it has not disappeared-a critical factor companies must consider as they seek to exploit burgeoning opportunities in these markets.

The Evolving Bargain provides the first in-depth look at the impact of deregulation and privatization on managers' strategic agendas in industries around the world. Emmons emphasizes that these reforms are not one-time events, but dynamic processes that shape the ongoing relationship, or bargain, between governments and affected enterprises. He also shows how the contexts of both industry and country influence a firm's strategic options and performance outcomes within its evolving bargain.

Based on extensive research and interviews with over 150 industry executives, investors, and government officials worldwide, this book offers a practical framework for understanding the challenges and potential rewards for established and new ventures alike. Drawing upon rich examples from North and South America, Europe, and Asia, Emmons details how winners and losers emerge, and distills key lessons managers can apply as they prepare their own companies for competition in this new environment.

The first book to examine this timely issue through a managerial lens, The Evolving Bargain is an essential guide for companies looking to conquer the complexities, and harness the opportunities, of the new market economy.