ISBN 9788174091335,Experiments in Fluid Mechanics

Experiments in Fluid Mechanics


B. Kapoor


Khanna Publisher



Khanna Publisher


ISBN 9788174091335

ISBN-10 8174091335

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Edition 3rd
Number of Pages 244 Pages
Language (English)

Civil Engineering

In order to make the 'the student' better and fully equipped to tackle the task of experimentation in this subject had added to the 'bbok contents' : (i) Experimental Discussions-How to write them, (ii) Some unique discussiions, (iii) An expanded, 'Think and Grow Rick Tank' and (iv) Multiple choice questions.

Further to make this book 'A Time Saver' and an 'Economically Viable Proposition' graphs wherever needed have been added to facilitate the usage of this book as a 'Laboratory Manual' too.

Table of Contents
*Introduction *Viscosity measurement *Stability of floating bodies *Measurement of Velocity *Flow through a variable area duct (verification of Bernoulli's Theorem) *Determination of the discharge coefficient of a Venturimeter *Determination of the discharge coefficient of an Orificemeter *Calibration of V-Notch and a Rectangular notch *Friction factor in Pipe Flow *Form losses in pipes *Time of emptying a tank *Critical velocity of flow through pipes *Boundary layer theory *Verification of stokes' law *Transition from laminar to turbulent flow *Drawing of flow nets *To determine the elements of a hydraulic jump *Analysis of hydraulics of board crested weir *Velocity distribution in an open channel and to find the value of 'n' *Flow over a hump *Unique experimental discussions *Measuring accuracy and repeatability *Answers to 'Think and Grow Rich' *Multiple choice questions and answers