ISBN 9788120333840,Explorations In Applied Geography

Explorations In Applied Geography



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Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9788120333840

ISBN-10 8120333845

Hard Back

Number of Pages 540 Pages
Language (English)

Social Sciences

Applied geography, a new frontier in geographic discipline, distinguishes itself from other branches of geography through the application of geographical knowledge and its techniques in solving practical problems of the land and the environment. Explorations in Applied Geography is a felicitation volume in honour of Professor L.R. Singh, Department of Geography, University of Allahabad, who has established his international credentials as a leading exponent of Applied Geography. He considers public policy to be one of the applications of applied geographic principles, since many problems facing society today have a geographical dimension. To Professor L.R. Singh, Applied Geography is the strategy of the trinity of men, space and resources which need to be harmonized in advancing human well-being. This volume, contributed by geographers of eminence within the country and from other parts of the globe, focuses on the following thrust areas: Natural and environmental hazards Environmental change and management Challenges of the human environment Application of techniques of spatial analysis In a nutshell, the book emphasizes the important proactive role that the Applied Geography must play in the formulation of public policies and programmes for sustainable human development. This comprehensive and classic compendium will not only be useful to post-graduate students in geography but also provide new vistas in geographic research.